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Next Generation Bio-Aesthetic
Training Academy

Are you a medical professional, passionate about aesthetic?
This is the right academy for you!

The Aesthetic Training Academy offers training sessions for all levels

Qualified and experienced instructors conduct training sessions in the following areas:

  • Fillers
  • Botulinum toxin
  • Lip modelling using hyaluronic acid – basic level
  • Advanced lip modelling techniques
  • Tissue biostimulators
  • Complications in aesthetic medicine procedures
  • First aid
  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Microneedle mesotherapy Fractional mesotherapy and chemical peels
  • Needle mesotherapy and injection lipolysis.
  • Tissue stimulators Wrinkle filling, basic level
  • Filling wrinkles with the blanch technique
  • Lips flat
  • Volumetry – 5D facelift
  • Face harmonization, advanced level
  • Face PDO threads
  • Body PDO threads
  • Hook threads
  • Hyaluronidase
  • Cannula operation
  • Plasma (PRP) and Fibrin (PRF)
  • Anatomy and face

In-Person Training, Based in Portugal

We are the only Academy in Portugal and around the world which conducts training in a very popular and unique technique of lip modelling – Amillion – Next Generation Lips

*Models to train on are provided by the academy*


The project focuses on presenting the author’s advanced technique of lip modelling using hyaluronic acid – Amillion – Next Generation Lips. This technique helps to achieve flat lips from the profile, with a strongly defined shape and cupid bow.

Personal Certificate

All your hard work and dedication deserves to be recognized. After completion of the training, receive your personal certificate confirming the successful completion of the training.

Unlimited Access

Ensure your development and success. Get unlimited access to the private group and support from the instructors.

About Us

Amillion – Next Generation Bio-Aesthetic Clinic™ brand was launched in 2020 and continues to develop dynamically. It was established by Amelia Szewczyk – CEO / FOUNDER. We are constantly expanding our team and the range of services and products not only in Portugal but also in Poland, Ireland, and Spain.

Dr. Amelia Szewczyk

Dr. Amelia Szewczyk

CEO & Founder of Amillion - Next Generation™ brand

Graduated from cosmetology and Nutrition. Amelia has been associated with aesthetic medicine for several years, and it is her passion. After years of practice, she has created her own method of flat modelling lips – Amillion – Next Generation Lips®️, and you can learn about the secrets of this method in our Academy.

Training Programs

Needle Mesotherapy + Tissue Stimulators + Injection Lipolysis (Basis)


Botulinum Toxin (BASIS)


Botulinum Toxin (MASTERCLASS)




PDO Smooth Threads Mono


Threads Hooks Level (MASTERCLASS)


Amillion Lips with Dr. Amelia (MASTERCLASS)


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