Nutrition, Wellness & Laser Rejuvenation Retreats

Our team of fitness and health professionals offer the best and most varied programme in Portugal, the retreat combines a Nutrition Seminars, Wellness Classes, Spa Treatments & massages, Laser Rejuvenation Treatments, Laser slimming Treatments, Activities, Accommodation, Nutritious meals, full body make over with hair, skin & make up & Gala dinner with the very special plus one. WE offer 24/7 post Retreats programs to make sure you stay well & educated to keep your mind & body focused.

At Villa Melia Collection you will slim down, improve your health, learn about nutrition, boost your confidence and revolutionise your lifestyle. We offer REAL All inclusive, Relaxed but yet intensive, focused, results-driven Wellness holidays that will kick start a fresh and positive phase in your life, allowing you to move forward with healthy comfortable lifestyle.

Located in a quiet side of Algarve – is the ideal starting point for numerous activities. The Resort is located In a well-established area. Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, The weather in Algarve will set your mind on ease and you will feel connected with nature instantly. So many guests like to join our incredible Wellness, Nutrition & Laser Rejuvenation retreats all year round.

Motivation – Healthy Lifestyle, The unique views of the beautiful Cliffs of Algarve, connection with the nature.
Inspiring – Create the next level of feeling and looking amazing, Unleash the power of self confidence
Aim- My overall health, my personal fitness, my confident appearance my own well-being.

Pack your bags and head off to one of our top wellness retreats worldwide – located in the most beautiful areas of the world.

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