Retic.C – Vitamin & Acid Peeling

Retix.C visibly reduces skin imperfections after the first treatment. The product stimulates tissue renewal, removes dead epidermis, moisturizes and brightens the skin. The usage of the product results in a firm, taut and bright skin.


  • Retinol 4% - strongly rejuvenates, thickens, moisturizes and illuminates the skin. The form of product reduces the risk of irritation and ensures high tolerance.
  • Vitamin C 8% - in a stable, left-handed form has a strong antioxidant and brightening effect.
  • Antioxidant 30% - has an extremely effective rejuvenating effect and protects the skin against harmful oxidation reactions.


  • Stimulation of the cell renewal process,
  • reconstruction of collagen and elastin fibers,
  • smoothing the skin, lightening pigmentation spots and imperfections reduction
  • improvement of skin density and tension,
  • increase in skin hydration,
  • protection against photo-damage and increasing the natural protective barrier of the skin


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